Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scrapaholic Weekend !!!!!

Well, I went to Scrapbooks Etc on Friday night with Kyla and Diana, I didn't get lost!But got lost on the way home........I was on way to Mt Gravatt!!!!!
Anyway the night was great, I seemed to be in a daze all night!!!!!I was out of my comfort zone and felt a little uncomfortable doing any layouts....silly heah!!!!!! I do lack confidence sometimes and doubt my capabilites. I think I made an impression.......not for scrapbooking though...... for dropping my mother ship on my foot.Funny when I look back....not funny at the time!!!!
Last night us girls went to Tan's for some scrapping and EARTH HOUR!!!! Grace,Jessica and Rhianna were over the darkness and couldn't wait for the lights to go back on.


Lady Di said...
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Lady Di said...

How could you possibly feel insecure at a Scrapnight - you are the most talented scrapper of the most beautiful layouts and ATCs. By the way, I hope you're foot feels better. I'm so sorry you got lost going home ... I was wondering if you knew the way and was driving really slow to see if you'd catch up - next time (there will be another one hopefully) I'll stick with you - I had such a wonderful night with you and Kyla. You're the best Kerri so believe in yourself.

VeryKerri said...

Thanks Diana
Kerri xo