Friday, September 19, 2008


Gentle and a kind hearted soul. Has only in this year discovered how to not let people walk all over her. She loves to make people happy and laugh. She's very cuddly and loving. She can hear a conversation from another room and be next to you in a single bound.......saying"What did you say Mummy?" ( super hero hearing)!!!!! Beautiful smile, adorable.
  1. Loves purple
  2. Does not miss a show of the Simpsons- even though I dislike the show.
  3. In fact she would watch anything on TV.
  4. Plays beanie bears with her sister.
  5. Super Dooper Violin player.
  6. Sang "Because of You"- by her self; in front of the school for Oxenford Idol.
  7. Is loving to read chapter books.
  8. Favourite movie "A Series of Unfortunate Events".
  9. Chocoholic!!!!
  10. Phobia of having a clean room-instant headache when asked to clean!!!!!

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Sarah W said...

Kerri - great pic of grace - you must scrap it or give it to me. Thats it the next project. Love this. Might do it with my two.