Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ollie is our youngest and he basically has us all wrapped around his little finger. Whatever he says we all seem to jump at the same time to see what he wants. He is extremely adventuous and is often caught doing something he shouldn't. The most valued asset is his squeezy cheeks.

  1. Loves Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer.
  2. Loves trucks, cars and tractors.
  3. Always wants to be nappy or underpants free.
  4. Is slowly being toilet trained.
  5. Very cheeky...but adorable.
  6. Adores his Sissy's.
  7. Hates his teeth being brushed.
  8. Loves anyone (not choosy) to read him a book.
  9. He has a bit of a sweet tooth-loves icecreams and chocolate.
  10. We all love a bubby bear so much.

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