Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jessica (Wessy Woo)

Our Beautiful Jessica, so sweet. Thoughtful and caring. Very affectionate and loving. Jessica loves life and her enthusium is contagious. Wessy is a bit of a worrier but we working together to help her let things go.

  1. Excellent runner (So Fast)!!!
  2. Loves her brother so so much.
  3. Can make her own breakfast and can make a sandwich too.
  4. A bit of a collector of treasures and bits and pieces.
  5. Loves to wear anything Red.
  6. Littlest Pets, Beanie Bears and Bratz are what she likes to play with.
  7. Very artistic; loves to draw and make things ( especially books and cards for me).
  8. Often speaks using herself as the third person....very cute!!!!
  9. Got to keep moving...may miss out on something.
  10. Sleeps with her light on.
  11. Is an super saver.
  12. Wants to eventually do the splits; she practices everyday.
  13. Never wants to leave home- which is fine with me!!!
  14. Is willing to try any kind of food.
  15. Adorable!!!!

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